Order Pets (PC) via Origin & Get 2 Costume Sets!

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Besides the Exclusive Limited Edition Pet Shop, players who pre-order via Origin will also receive the “Paws & Whiskers Costume Sets” as an added bonus!  EA has also thrown up a brand new page on Pets for players to get a better understanding of which content is included with each platform.

Also for a Limited time, EA is offering up Generations for 30% off when ordering Pets.



Win/Mac Packaged Goods


  • More pets mean more fun!Create a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, and—for the first time ever—horses! Think your Sim has what it takes to tame a wild horse?


  • Be the Pet Wield control of your Sim’s pet to chase, dig, tackle and more. Be the perfect companion or wreck havoc on your Sims!

  • Pets have their own traits From intelligent, brave, and friendly to hydrophobic, skittish, and clueless to gentle, fast, and agile, determine the personality of your Sims’ pets.


  • Pets can learn skills Cats and dogs can learn to hunt, dogs can learn to locate collectibles and fetch your Sims a date, and horses can learn racing and jumping.


  • Sims can take their pets outside Take Spike to the park, bring Whiskers to the library, or ride Star to the new Equestrian Center.


  • Exclusive Limited Edition content Only in The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition will you find a pet store filled with one-of-a-kind objects.  Includes exclusive Limited Edition venue – a pet store filled with unique objects and – only   available on Origin – the Paws and Whiskers Costumes Sets–>