Desconsolados & The Sims 3 Pets Preview

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Spanish gaming site Desconsolados has a Sims 3 Pets preview up for you to read!


Following the success of best-selling expansion for The Sims 2, the animals return to our favorite Sims next November with The Sims 3: Animals Go! However, unlike other expansions, it will also come to consoles, so that everyone can control the lives of these characters besides those of their pets. To give us an idea of how these adorable animals adapt to their new lives, on September 7 Electronic Arts invited us to their offices to see all editions of this release at the hands of its producers. For starters, we were standing outside, the PC version.

The Sims 3: Go Animals!Ken Ogasawara and Graham Nardone, producers of console and PC versions respectively


Since the start of each delivery of The Sims, Graham showed us the possibilities of creating large families will see in the expansion. The human part has been left intact, but for once, we can create our pets in great detail. We have dogs, cats and horses (the most requested by fans), and although you can create a very simple and general details, we may also currárnoslo to have the animal of our dreams. Features such as stains, hair, body structure, tails, race and so much more you can customize the most, and honestly, the choices are immense.

Once we have the ideal family, we see the big news of this expansion and franchising, we can control the animals. For the same reason, also have their own personalities, so we can throw us hours and hours fiddling with them, making the cat fight with the dog or develop your vein horses for equestrian sports.