Snooty Sims Previews Pets!

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So many Fansites & so much new info!  Snooty Sims was also a part of a Pets event and check out what they had to say about it!


I started a new Sunset valley neighborhood and not Appaloosa Plains,, deliberately to see if all Pets stuff is also available in another neighborhood. One thing I noticed is that I didn’t see any wild horses or strays. Perhaps that takes time to spawn just like celebs when starting a new Neighborhood. Or perhaps they’re all in the woods, but I didn’t want to spend too much time searching the whole neighborhood as time was limited.

Since I recieved the most questions about the horses, I first started up Create-a-Sim. You can’t make a family of just horses so first you need to make a Sim. To start up Create-a-Pet, just click on the ‘add a new sim or pet’ button and there you pick either a Sim, horse, cat or dog. Then the background changes into a stable where you start with your horse. In the first tab, you need to choose a first and last name and choose between male or female. Also the age must be chosen here (adult or elder) In the second tab, you can pick a race. I counted 31 horse races.


In the next tab you choose the fur. You get a very versatile way to create everything you can come up with. You have several layers which each can get multiple colors. When you choose a layer, it’s just a small spot but you can strech it out over the horse where ever you want it to go. I must say that this is much more complicated then what you’re used to with the Sims Create-a-Style. It’s really getting used to and I expect some really crazy designs when the game is just out.
I didn’t saw an option to use patterns though; just colors but perhaps I just missed it. Oh and I forgot to make a screenshot of the horses so here’s a cat instead.