Edenstyle – Sims 3 Pets Preview Part #1

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Edenstyle is due to release several Sims 3 Pets Previews!  To start off, here is part #1 Appaloosa Plains.

As it’s written in the description, it was a sleepy ranching township, famous as a garish tourist.

City slickers turned the area into a bustling hub of activity, retrofitting the town with modern amenities while eagerly believing they’ve acquired their own slice of country paradise.
The clash between old and new is readily apparent, with some elderly die-hards clinging to the remaining vestiges of life as they knew it.


There are many beautiful farms, Victorian houses, rustic buildings, fields with hay sheaves and ranches.

The city center reflects the typical country style and some community lots contain more than one venue.
The cat jungle is a beautiful place for cats, full of feline items. There’s also a specific community lot for dogs containing a bone-looking swimming pool (dogs can swim in it).
The equestrian center (a rabbit hole) is the best place for horses, prospective horse owners, competitions and much more. We’ll give you more info in the chapter dedicated to those animals.