The Crazy Cat Lady of Appaloosa Plains!

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Of course everyone in Appaloosa Plains is bound to have a pet or two, but among the crazies is Hetty Lionheart!  Hetty Lionheart is a crazy Cat Lady who lives along with her 4 cats!  Check out the description and screens about this crazy cat lady!  Article via Edenstyle.

Thanks to catloverplayer. for the tip!


The city is populated by new interesting families. As you can imagine, many of them have pets.
I spent some times with Hetty Lionheart, a crazy cat lady that lives as a recluse in her musty old Victorian home. Neighbors don’t like her and named her “Old Kitty”. She lives with her 4 cats: Mothball, Muffin, Pickles (the mum cat) and Teabag.
As you can see in the picture below, Hetty is quite… scary! Maybe she did a surgery at the hospital in order to look like her cats…


Crazy2 Crazy3 Crazy4