Horse Poo Anyone?

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…well sorda! 😛  Platinum Simmers has just posted a Q&A with Sims 3 Pets Producers and guess what?  Horse Poo will be a new type of fertilizer for our plants!  Yum! 😆


H: And what about horses? Do they prefer to sleep in the stables than in the garden – we’ve seen them sleeping just in the garden from some demos.

R: Yeah, they will have these – we’re calling them box stalls – and that’s a really good place for horses to go to sleep, or they can go in there and eat. And then your Sims can go in there and clean up the stable, and as they do that they can collect fertiliser for their garden – they’ll grow better quality fruits and vegetables in their garden if they use the fertiliser out of the box stall.


Read the Full Q&A here!