RE: The Sims 3 Pets Fact Sheet!

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Hey everyone!  I have received a ton of emails asking me why I have yet to properly update the Sims 3 Pets Fact Sheet.  With all the info that has been poured out to us, I find it much better to focus my time on The Sims 3 Game Guide!  Yes the game guide!

Thankfully this Pets Demo was released and I can now begin the process of completing about 50% of the guide before pets is released.  I usually receive my games a day or two early, so I have high hoped of getting the game guide to you on release (or a few days after).


So for everyone who has been correcting me in the fact sheet via emails and comments, I appreciate it dearly, but for now I am focusing on the game guide to better suit you for release. 🙂 Here is a short preview below and I will be sure to update you once it is complete.