SimsSlovenija – Sims 3 Pets Questions Answered!

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Remember a while back when Pets was first announced?  Well the awesome Guru’s had agreed to do Q&A’s with fansites (including us) for Pets!  SimsSlovenija has just received back those answers, so have a look!


Can we create a stable? Are the stables prefabricated?
The players will be able to create their own barn. There will be a stall for your horses to sleep and eat in.

Will we have warewolves or any other new creature?
There will be a new creature for this pack, but it will not be a warewolf. :)



Are there going to be birds? Can they tell us more about them?
The player will be able to have a variety of birds as a pets. There are many interactions your Sims will have with the birds including teaching them to talk.


What are these collectible pets? Will we be able to interact with or feed them? Will they be better than just the collectible insects and fish?
We have a variety of new pets that you can find in the world. You will be able to interact and feed them.