Sims 3 Pets – Your Questions Answered!

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Back when Pets was first announced, the Guru’s were kind enough to answer all the questions we had sent in to them!  We received our answers back yesterday and you can check em out on an 8-page Google Doc.

❗ Some new info we learned are the toddler interactions, new fragmented collectibles are available, making gourmet pet food is possible & that there are not any returning families in Appaloosa.  There is probably loads more new info than just this, but I have not read through all the answers yet. 😉



Thanks to SimGuru’s Shannon, Graham & Ryan for taking the time to answer all the questions!


Please note that these questions were asked before we knew all the info on pets. (Asked back in June) There are some other questions that you may have not had answers to yet, so please bare with us when we say that all questions were asked at a pre-mature stage.


Click! —> 8-Page Google Document of Pets Questions & Answers!