SimsVIP – Pets (PC) Limited Edition Giveaway – Voting Time!

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Voting has Begun!

First and foremost we would like to thank everyone for participating in our Pets Giveaway!  With 62 entries, you can imagine how hard it was for us to select 10 finalists!  Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to your participation in our next giveaway. 🙂

Phase two of this contest has now begun and our 10 finalists have been selected!  Congratulations to the following 10 photos that have made it to the final phase of this contest!



*Update* 10/6/11 – After carefully examining the votes coming in for SamerTim & Federica, I have disqualified them from this contest.  The poll tracks enough info for me to know that foul play is present.  I have removed them from this contest and the 8 remaining photos are up for voting.  I do not want to catch anyone else doing the same, so here is a fair warning that I know who is voting for themselves and who is not. One more incident like this, and I will completely shut this contest down.  Thanks for your understanding.


Flow Chooke100 Ariaa Kristyn CSGJ Aislingxd ElanorBreton HollyRock08
Now begins the voting phase!  Everyone is allowed to vote on their favorite photo(s)! Each photo above contains the “username” of the person who entered in the description, so all you have to do is match their name to the poll to the right!!  Multiple choice is allowed and the voting period ends 10/17/11 @5pm CST.

Vote for your favorites in the Poll to the right in the Sidebar! —————>

♦ If you cannot see the voting poll on the side bar, please CLICK HERE to vote!

The finalists are in a separate album on my Flickr Account for easier viewing.  Figure out who you want to vote for and Select and vote below! I have given everyone a head start with a vote for each! :mrgreen:
Finalists, Congrats again and the photo with the most votes by 10/17/11 will be the winner!  Formal announcement will follow on Tuesday, October 18th. 🙂 Good Luck!