Sims 3 Pets In My Hands! (Videos + Pictures)

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…well has been for about 5 hours now, but anyway, take a look at videos and some screens! I will try to share even more photos and videos by tomorrow as long as I start to complete the game guide! 😛

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3 ScreenshotScreenshot-23
Screenshot-37 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-54 Screenshot-53