Pasimfic Wiki Reviews Appaloosa Plains

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Want to know a little bit more about Appaloosa Plains? Check out Pasimfic Wiki’s review on Appaloosa and get the inside scoop. 😉


Appaloosa Plains is one of the most perfectly designed worlds for The Sims 3 to date. It has a specific theme – rural ranches – and it sticks to it. It has a simple charm, with an excellent economy of objects and colours. There are no excesses in Appaloosa’s design, but you most likely won’t feel it lacks anything either.


Appaloosa Plains sits upon the hills and sprawls out across the lower flood plains. It is girt by flat, rocky outcrops that look appropriately eroded, with their pastel orange rocks bearing lime green grasses and mosses. All rabbit holes in Appaloosa are original, all of them perfectly detailed and versatile enough to fit into other towns – Appaloosa would be worth owning for this wealth of new CAW potential alone, but it also adds a host of new CAW objects, most of which are immediately available in the world-building tool’s metadata pane.