The Gamer Access – Sims 3 Pets Review (PC)

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Not too long ago Maxis presented us with little furry friends to keep our Sims company and us more entertained. The popular expansion has returned to The Sims 3 this time with a lot more pizazz and unicorns! Read more for my full review of The Sims 3 Pets.

I spent a full week playing The Sims 3: Pets nearly non-stop. Half of my time was spent doing everything I could to find and adopt a unicorn into my little family, the other half concluded having way too much fun exploring all the new social interactions between my Sims and their pets, as well as making and watching my pets torture my neighbors and destroy their things. But before all of that malicious fun, I checked out the new features in Create-A-Household and saw what an impeccable job Maxis has done improving the Create-A-Pet process from the previous Pets expansion on The Sims 2.