Help Spread the word and Stop SOPA

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For anyone who enjoys the freedom of the internet and the endless possibilities, please take a moment of your time and educate yourself on SOPA. The media is not shining a light on this issue, but it is time to help spread the word and stop this bill before it even begins. SOPA is a means to stop piracy, however the majority of this bill is to give these big corporations and the US Government control over the internet and what is available to the people.

For example, Electronic Arts (who IS A SUPPORTER!) could easily have this site taken down because I create game guides – using their Intellectual Property & Copyright – free of charge. Yes, all my hard work would be considered piracy. Why? Because in EA’s eyes, they are somehow losing money by me giving away the info for free.


After some small talk on the issue with Judson & Black Scorpion from SimPrograms, we have decided we should take a step and help spread the word. How can you help? Not so Simple. We need to get Google’s attention (who is NOT a supporter btw!), and get them to shut down Youtube & Google for 24 hours, with a message/video (preferably the one above!) to everyone regarding this issue. The media would have to pick up on something as big as Google’s temp closure and inform the world. Please spread the word to friends, family, forums, YouTube comments and so on. Together we can help stop this bill.


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