1/4/12 – Poll Results + New Poll

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With Showtime just around the corner, your opinion on the social features, definitely sparked my curiosity. It was no surprise that the most voted answer was “If I can turn em off, fine!” with 524 votes. Even though this topped the votes, there are still some of you who hate them and are also furious of the social features getting rewarded. There are also a handful of votes, that do like these features. So what did everyone choose and why?
I personally do not like the added features, even if they are optional. Reason being that I do not think the game should be swarmed with quests, just to unlock some extra goodies. Sure, it makes sense that EA would give incentive to use these features, but any player should be able to unlock rewards, especially when these extra rewards “help” career progression. (Stage Props, etc)
On the other hand, I am one of those players who has become very bored with this series. (Never the case with Sims 2!) If the achievements added for using social features are fun and creative, I will probably use them just to make use of the money I spent for the game.



This time around, the new poll is asking you what your favorite thing is to do in game. Do you create Legacies and Machinima? Just play the game? Create Sims? Do it all? Well let us know by voting now! Multiple Choice is enabled.