Onet.Gry – Sims 3 Showtime Preview

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Polish Site Onet.Gry has a short Sims 3 Showtime Preview! Nothing written is completely new, but it does cover what we already know in a bit more detail. Accidental fires while juggling torches and loss of voice are a few new details listed as well.

Thanks to Sims.Mixei.Ru for the tip!


Here’s proof that the digital world evolves, and video game development industry changes direction. For several years, until now, the height of achievement, which defined the modern game was advanced computer graphics. Along with stroke and its popularity Facebook mini-games, however, it became clear that the current generation of players are the most important social functions. Apart from this fact could not pass by a series of large manufacturers, however, such as “The Sims” …

First, in “The Sims 3” has become possible publication on the social network of important moments in the life of Sims family. Now the developers have gone a step further. New addition “Be a Star” introduces another very interesting feature – using Simportu sim will send you on a tour through the network to another player’s game. Sim then disappears for a short time of our game, and then returns, richer with new experiences and points scored for the execution of tasks. His performances will also be judged by our friends. Developers promise to put a strong emphasis on security of such transmissions of data. They will be filtered out and the program does not pass corrupted files, replacing them with others. So when will we sent to the sim with haircut or clothing “broken” or that you do not have the game replace them with ones that are available in our game. The idea is very nice, especially after what that will be sent to other players’ sims …