Sims 3 “My Page” Getting Ready for Showtime!

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The Sims 3 Team has announced that a change is coming to our “my pages” soon! This change reflects the new social features coming to our games, and it looks like they are giving everyone a head start to familiarize with the features Showtime will include. My guess is that these changes will take place Monday or Tuesday with Master Suite’s release, or perhaps it’s a fair warning before Showtime.



Hi all,

As many of you have heard since our announcement of The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack, we’re integrating amazing, all-new connected features both in-game and through new functions to your My Page on The Sims 3 in order to give you new ways to connect with your friends and others within The Sims world like never before!


We’re offering new ways for you to socialize with your friends while you’re playing The Sims 3, including how people share news, chat with their friends and participate in achievements.

The Sims is a franchise that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to express your creativity and tell stories. All of the new online, social features being introduced are optional. It’s all up to you and the way you choose to play and share.

Below, please find more specific details on what new improvements are coming soon for you and your friends!

What new features are going to be added to My Page? 

There is going to be a new layout to your My Page on You’ll have the opportunity to share the latest adventures of your Sims, like updates about your game, as well as posts from your friends and the option to update your My Page Player Wall when Memories occur in your game. When you successfully complete achievements, your Player Wall can also be updated, sharing news of your accomplishments with your friends. These additions will debut when The Sims 3 Showtime launches, but you will also be able to use these across expansion packs and in the base game.


With The Sims 3 Showtime’s new  feature SimPort, you can send your star Sim off to a fabulous performance in one of your friend’s exclusive venues and then you can receive reviews of your show, updates and memories on your Player Wall letting you know how your tour is going.

Your friends may also choose to take part in these new functions, and through this you will also see what updates they have about their Sims and their stories.


As described above, the Player Wall will enable a lot of new updates, as well as continued support of the option to comment and exchange messages with your friends. This will be like the existing comments functionality, but will add more types of news posts.  When we update the Player Wall to its new layout, the old comments to your Player Wall will not be brought over.


Privacy Settings:

It’s up to you! Make your page accessible to everyone, only to your friends or just keep it private. We know that control of who you choose to interact with is important.

Sharing on Facebook or Twitter:

You will also be able to share your comments with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Sometimes your Sims may do something that is just so awesome you’ll want to share it with everyone. The new My Page functions allow you to do so.

Wishlist and My Studio:

Your Wishlist and My Studio will be displayed on your My Page, to make them more accessible to those visiting you.



Your stickers are still available to you, but you won’t be able to stick them over your My Page as you can now. We are exploring options for playing with the stickers – and we’ll be looking for your input on what you’d like to see here.

With all these new changes, customizing your My Page, such as choosing your color scheme and a custom background image, is not supported.

We’re confident that you are going to love the new functions on your My Page and hope that you’ll try them out. Please remember that we are always listening to your feedback and it is appreciated, so please let us know what you think and discuss it on the forums!