Master Suite – SimFans Interview with Jennifer Lane!

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Daniel, Hello Jennifer, thank you for taking the time you SimFans issues of The Sims 3 Dream Suite Accessories answer.

Jennifer Lane, EA: Hey Daniel, but happy! I’m always pleased with the community to get in touch.

Daniel, I would like to start with some general questions about stuff pack and then swing accessories Dream Suite.

Jennifer Lane, EA: Sure, go shoot!


Daniel, We know that you received in the community desires when it comes to the subject for a new stuff pack. But how does this process take place exactly?


Jennifer Lane, EA: First of all, we pay attention to the wishes of fans and gather ideas from the Sims forums around the globe, and created the basic idea of a stuff pack. In The Sims 3 accessories Dream Suite is the subject of the objects and outfits in the direction of romance and “sexy”. Occur before the first concepts we get inspiration from magazines, the Internet and other matching sources. This process can drag on for weeks and months, until the drafts are completed. Then the team decided which objects to the stuff pack to be implemented.