SimTimes Interviews Jennifer Lane

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SimTimes: What can we in The Sims 3: Dream Suite expect accessories?

Jennifer Lane: In accessories Dream Suite is mostly about relaxing and feeling good in their own homes and to have a romantic evening at home. The focus of the objects we have payed to the bathroom and bedroom, so you can create a kind of dream, of course suite. But there are also a lot Dekosachen that you can use throughout your home, such as flowers, lamps, wall objects and pretty cool. For the bedroom also comes to a beautiful four-poster bed as well as new windows and the bathroom has everything you need – a shower, a bathtub, a toilet and a wash basin, mirror and a nice variety of chairs, we have also been added.

ST: How many objects are contained in the package?

JL: I can not say that exactly, because we have for each package on an average number of objects, but this varies from extension to extension.What I can tell you is that we have divided the content items in half and half in clothing.