EA Cash Card “The Sims” Bonus To Be Fixed Soon

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Since July of 2011, Target Stores had exclusive EA Cash Cards which offered bonus Sims 3 Content. In August, I picked up many of these special cards, and the codes were showing as invalid. It seemed as though EA never intended to fix the issue since then.

Yesterday I tweeted SimGuruGraham asking him to pass on the info and get it to the right people. SimGuruGraham has since responded and it looks like this issue will soon be resolved. Thanks Graham!



Thanks for bringing this to my attention; I wasn’t aware of it. I went and discussed this with some people, and while I can’t give a specific timeline right now, the right group of folks are now working on it. My apologies to those who have been waiting for this content; please be patient a bit longer while we get it to you.  It’s being actively worked on now.


You can purchase these specially marked Cash Cards at Target stores in the US & Canada. Below is a photo of the items we will soon be able to redeem. (Thanks Crinrict!)