Happy Valentine’s Day From The Sims 3!

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Here are some The Sims-related pick-up lines you could try to woo your love interest. Some are from The Sims team, but we’ve received several from our fans as well! Which are your favorites?

  • Hey baby, what do you say we go back to my place and deplete our energy motives?
  • Dang girl you look good! It’s Like Leonardo Da Vinci designed you in CAS.
  • You look like a million Simoleons.
  • You must be fun cuz you are what I need.
  • Do you know SimFu? Because your body is kickin’!
  • I’ll show you my moodlet if you show me yours.
  • Wanna see how fast I can change into my underwear? Oh look I already did it!
  • Hey there, can I buy you a nectar?
  • Hey are you from Twinbrook? Cause you stole my heart like a crook!
  • Did it hurt When you fell from CAS?
  • Hi I’m Bob. I’m Inappropriate and Flirty. Want to make some babies?
  • Testingcheatsenabled true, I just wanna get to know you
  • You’re Unflirty? I know a little cheat that can change that
  • You’re as beautiful as a Sunset Valley morning.
  • I would like a good moodlet from you
  • Are you sure you’re not the one controlling me?
  • Do you ‘plumb’ here often?
  • How about me and you reticulate our splines?
  • I’d love to Landgrabb your Crumplebottom.
  • I have the Great Kisser trait. Wanna discover it?
  • Hey do you have an extra Plumbob? Mine broke when I fell for you!
  • Honey, when I look at you… it gives me the eye candy moodlet.
  • You must be a kleptomaniac because you stole my heart.
  • Are you pyromaniac? Because you’re on fire!