Actualidad Sims – Showtime Preview!

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On February 1 we were in the offices of Electronic Arts in Madrid to test the new expansion for The Sims 3, Jump to Fame. The producer Mike Cox presented us with the game on a screen and then we could try it for a few hours. This time was not allowed to take screenshots but we could collect enough interesting information about the new expansion.

The game adds a new neighborhood inspired by Hollywood where we take our sims from obscurity to fame. There are many new places that we can use for the performances of our sims. For this we can enroll in three new professions in the entertainment world to become magicians, acrobats and singers. As artists, the sims can have a stage name and you can change it by clicking it. In relation to the three new professions, including new desires for life are: Legend vocalist, Master Magician, Acrobat teacher.





Source: Rincon Del Simmer