Edenstyle Showtime Preview – Parts 6 & 7!

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Chapter 6: City, Fashion, Food and Items

Buy and Build modes offer great new items, like elegant hot tubs, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, arcade tables, juke boxes (you can also set the playlist!), a karaoke machine, a king domino tabledj booths(you can use them during shows and/or in entertainment venues getting money), lights, decorative objects, bottle cabinets, posters, stage props, a big car, fences, doors, windows, arches, trees, terrain paints and venues and signs for community lots.

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Chapter 7: The Sims 3 goes Online

I played The Sims Online few years ago and I’ve been sorry when it has been closed. It was really nice, addictive and totally online. I’m happy that some online options are back in The Sims 3 thanks to SimPort and the social features. Of course they are not the same as The Sims Online, but at least we can interact with other players and enlarge our horizons. Let’s see together how they work…


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