Third Party CC Being Transferred Via Simport

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There have been many reports about users finding custom content in their games after a Simport session. The reason being that some CC is “sticking” to the Sims 3 Pack. Read the preliminary report from Crinrict.

SimGuruSnelson has reported that a game update will be released “soon”, to completely stop the transfer of user generated content. I’m sure they took precautions to make sure their precious Sims 3 Store doesn’t transfer, why wasn’t the CC issue prevented prior to Showtime’s release?

I have personally tested Simport with a test PC I have, and I have not had any issues with CC transferring or sticking to my Sims or game. I have also not been able to duplicate it, so I am not sure how this transfer is happening  (apparently, Sims 3 Pack CC is transfering, while package CC is not). Either way, it is happening to some players.



Via SimGuruSnelson – Hi Simmers. I wanted to let you know that we are releasing a Game Update very soon that will provide a solution to prevent any custom, user-created content from being installed in the host’s game when using SimPort. Additionally, this Game Update will ensure any files associated with a visiting Sim are not saved to a player’s system permanently.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We are reading all of your posts and will continue to provide solutions as quickly as possible.