Werewolves, Witches, Zombies & Fairies?

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Just a common courtesy warning. Please do not go and badger the SimGuru’s about this information, as they are going to have to act like we know nothing. Just take in the info. Legally, EA cannot speak about any of this information until it’s officially announced, so don’t waste your time!


The latest 1.32 patch has revealed quite a few spoilers about some new additions coming soon to the Sims 3! Could we be looking at a possible Space/Magic/Sci-Fi type EP on the horizon? Well, Velocitygrass of Mod The Sims has discovered some spoilers! Click here to check em out.

Thanks to Pacimfic_Wiki for the info!


Note that these spoilers have only been confirmed by one member. Once it has been confirmed by more, we can remove the “speculation” stamp.

❗ It has been confirmed, this info is included in the super patch of 1.32! Thanks Pacimfic_Wiki!.



Transform Into Human Form
Transform Into Werewolf Form
Werewolfs can only howl at the moon at night.
Conjure Apple
Conjure Poison Apple
The number of private readings that you have performed as a Mystic Fortune Teller
Readings Performed
Werewolf Jaw
Werewolf Nose
Hunt Solo
Hunt With Pack
Attend {0.SimName}’s Party With Pack
Crash {0.SimName}’s Party With Pack
Anti-Nausea Potion
Eliminate your nausea with a swig of this potion.
Clone Drone Potion
Clone Drone Potion Desc
Energy Stabilizer Potion
For a period of time, your energy level won’t decay.
Invigorating Potion
Drink to feel invigorated
Lasting Skill Boost Potion
Lasting Skill Boost Potion Description
Nausea-Inducing Potion
Drink this to feel nauseous.
Smelly Potion
Drink to stink!
Zombification Potion
Bee Attack!
Bee Sting
PLACEHOLDER ClothesEncounters
PLACEHOLDER Clothes Encouters Description
Motive Decay Modifier
Some of the Sim’s motives won’t decay over time.
Energy Stabilizer
Energy won’t decay
Fairy Nectar Buzz
Nothing Like Fairy Nectar!
Flight of Felicity Fairy Gift
Fairy Gift