Happy Birthday SimsVIP!

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In January of 2011, I was eager to expand on our Facebook Fan Page, and create a site that I could control without Facebook messin’ up! To bring the very best help and latest news to our members, I knew it was time to use good ol’ Google and learn how to create a site! It was time to grow!

Over the course of a year, we have welcomed many new friends and of course a very dedicated group of readers. It really makes me happy to know that this site started off with a “small dream”, and has far exceeded my expectations in one year. It takes a whole lot of dedication on my end to keep the site going, but after a year of progress, it’s already paid off. From the daily news posts to the awesomely delicious game guides I create, it’s all time and effort well spent.


I want to send a huge Thank You to my best friends Glitzyangel, KatieHaven, Duckeggpie (and the rest of the gang!), for all help and support over the last 3 years I’ve known you. You ladies are my second family and our friendships stem above and beyond this game. I love you ladies! ♥ 🙂

I also have to give a special shoutout to GeorgefPlay, not only being a good friend of mine, but also for creating those awesome banners you stare at on the top of the site. Without him, you all would be starring at a blank space! 😛 Thanks George!

With that said, I have to give a final thanks to all the fansites who have been a great influence and help, as well as our awesome readers, who continue to fuel SimsVIP. Make sure you are here tomorrow to celebrate and enter for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Thanks again!