Giveaway #2 – Scavenger Hunt! *Ended*

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We have a winner! lulu95 answered with the correct sim/families & pages! Congrats lulu95! Check your email shortly for details!


broke- sims 3 pet breads
bella goth- world adventures, generations game guide, female- toddlers
curious- free game content
taliente- town life game manual




Scavenger Hunt


Throughout the entire website’s pages (look up top!) I have hidden PHOTO clues that will give you the name(s) of 1 Sim & 3 Families from the Sims 2! The first person to find the clues, put it together and reply with the correct answers will win The Sims 3 Showtime Prima Guide!





This is what you MUST reply with!


1) The 4 Correct Answers – (one Sim & 3 Families!)

2) The titles (names) of the pages you found the clues on. (No particular order)

3) Make sure you use a valid email when commenting so I can email you with prize details!

…and FYI – Clues are not included on the Player Creations Tab/Section



❗ If you need help with Sims 2 Families, See the list here!