Giveaway #3 – Game Time…Literally!

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We have a winner! Congrats to NathanNowell! Nathan, check your email shortly for prize details!



Prize: The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition!


❗ If the winner lives within the US & Canada, they will receive a Physical Copy of the game.


❗ If the winner lives outside the US & Canada (Europe, UK etc), they will receive a Digital Download Code for the game, plus the Limited Edition Content Redemption Code.



Ready Set….Start up your game! To win this contest, you will have to replicate 4 scenes from 4 different Free Store Sets and post 4 photos! Make sure you have the following sets installed in the game…


♦ Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tis’ the Season for Gift Giving

Harvest Bounty

Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies!


The most important part of replicating the scenes of those sets, is to make sure you set up the freebies correctly! Same location, same color, same style etc!


The 4 scenes must be identical to the photos below. This means, if the St Paddy’s stuff is located on a porch of a home, make sure you do the same! If the items are located inside a home but have windows behind, make sure you do the same!

Make sure you add windows, doors, tables, chairs, curtains etc etc, for each scene! <–and make sure they are the same style, color, location etc!


❗ If any of the items within the photos are PAID store content, disregard them and swap them with a base game item. Don’t cheat though! I will check!


The first person to perfectly replicate the scenes and post their 4 photos in this post… will win! Good luck! (Post links to your photos from Flickr, PhotoBucket, Tinypic etc)



Recreate the scenes below in your game to win!