Giveaway #8 – Toddler, Child AAAHHH!! *Ended*

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We have a winner! Congrats to fleshjenn for being the first to post photos! FleshJenn, check your email shortly for details!



US & Canada Only!


❗ You need The free World Riverview to participate!


Get ready to make some babies! And force them to grow up quick! Get into your game and create 6 toddlers! The toddlers must be colored as follows….



2 Green Skinned Toddlers

2 Blue Skinned Toddlers

2 Red Skinned Toddlers


❗ All 6 toddlers must be dressed with the same clothing! 


After you get into your game, take ONE photo of all 6 toddlers in front of the Statue near the  City Hall in Riverview! Make sure you get some of the scenery in the photo though! I have to make sure it’s Riverview!


The statue that is in the center of downtown! 



Part 2


Now age them up to children! ALL WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES! Then take ONE Photo of them in front of your house (whichever house that is!)



The first person to post with the following…wins!


♦ One Photo of 2 Green, Red & Blue toddlers, all wearing the same clothes, in front of the statue in Riverview!

♦ One photo of 2 Green, Red, & Blue Children, all wearing the same clothes in front of your home. 


♦ Two photos, one comment!