Site Updates, Fixes, & Not Enough Hours In A Day…

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Everyday I find something on the site I’d like to add/change/update/fix etc. Do I have enough hours in the day to do it? Heck No! I do have a list of changes I’d like to make though, and besides this being a ramble post, it serves as a reminder to myself, and an informative post for the readers.

To start off, I have completed and updated the Sims 2 Patches page. I uploaded all the patches from onto SimsVIP, and the page even looks prettier! Go see, go see! 😛

Another change I have made thus far, is merged the “Player Creations” tab into the “Community” tab, and I have plans to start posting more creations, more often. Again, not enough time in the day!


I have added two brand new sections to the site, which I will start work on this weekend. I have prepared a “Sims 3 Store Worlds” Guide/Page, as well as a “Premium Content” Guide. The latter has been sitting empty for quite some time, so I will be working on that first.

Starting this weekend, and well into the upcoming months, I will be changing and editing lots of the pages on this site. The Game Guides are not going to be changed, but many other pages on this site may be down, or look incomplete for some time. Feel free to request something be added/changed on the site. The more feedback I get the better! Here is my list of “To Do’s!”