SimGuruJenn Answers Sweet Treats Questions

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Today, SimGuruJenn took over the Sims 3 Twitter account, to answer questions on the newly announced stuff pack.


♦ This is a very special edition product with dozens more items than a typical Stuff Pack. It not an Expansion Pack.

♦  Although there are options for male Sims, and TONS and TONS of objects for everyone, the fashions are mostly inspired by Katy Perry.

♦ You only need The Sims 3 base game to play with The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats.

♦ I don’t have the exact number of outfits, but there are dozens.

♦ One of my favorite new items is the ‘Ice Cream Blast’, shaped like a giant ice cream sundae!

♦ While I can’t discuss specific numbers, this special pack has dozens more than a typical Stuff Pack.

♦ No new gameplay but lots of cool new items to enhance your experience and stories for your Sims.

♦ The cupcake chair is amazing! Also, the new venues are insane and I can’t wait to show them off to you!

♦ There are several new build options, including new pool tiles, a peppermint column, 3 new windows and more.

♦ Dozens of clothing options, rooms of furniture and decor, 3 new venues and even Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) sung in Simlish.

♦ I think there’s lots of things for all Simmers to play with and it’s an interesting candy experience not seen before.

♦ There are lots of options if you choose to make your house Katy Perry themed.

♦ The Sims has worked with Katy Perry since The Sims 2 and we’re excited by the latest collaboration.

♦ This is a special edition with dozens more items than a typical stuff pack.

♦  Sweet Treats is not an expansion pack, but the Store and some of our EPs offer new cities for your Sims. We will have 3 really neat new venues in Sweet Treats.

♦ The objects in Sweet Treats will not have new interactions but there are some cool new FX such as the Freezer Bunny fountain and fireworks.

♦ With the items in Sweet Treats you’ll be able to make your own themed world, lot or room.

♦ The new clothing ranges from elegant red carpet attire to candy-coated crazy! The hair includes hairstyles and wigs from Katy Perry’s looks and videos.

♦ The items are decoration but The Sims 3 already offers a variety of treats you can make them!



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