Ask SimsGuruTaterTot (yum!) Anything!

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Have a question about the store content? Have a question about the development process? Head on over to SimGuruTaterTot’s thread, and ask away! He will be choosing 10 questions to answer tomorrow!


Hey Everyone,

I started this blog because I wanted to give you guys a backstage pass into what it’s like to actually work on the Store team creating amazing content that you guys will love, but i feel like i’ve still been too formal, so it’s time for an Ask Me Anything!

Put your questions in this forum:

And This Wednesday I will choose 10 questions to answer. They can be personal, they can be silly, they can be real questions about what we do here.

BUT! As a disclaimer, I must warn you that I completely reserve the right to not answer a question. There are some things about working here that I just can’t talk about, so if you see me avoiding a particular type of question that’s probably why. I know it’s lame, but Tatertot needs to keep his job. ^^

Bring it on, Simmers! 😀