IGN Previews The Sims 3 Supernatural Werewolves!

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The recently announced The Sims 3: Supernatural takes cues from the likes of Twilight and Teen Wolf to introduce the werewolf fantasy into EA’s beloved franchise. So what exactly does it mean to suffer from lycanthropy in Sims 3? How exactly do they handle the violence and other issues that being a wolf-man would cause? To find out we’ve gathered details from EA, as well as spoken with Jon Leslie, a producer on the upcoming expansion.



TS3_Supernatural_Werewolf_Hilltop TS3_Supernatural_Werewolf_Running


The biggest thing that the team behind the Sims 3 wants to change with Supernatural is how hard it was to become a werewolf in the older games. “In Sims 2 you had to figure out how to find the pack leader and get him to bite you, but now — right from the get go– you’ll be able to create a wolf in Create a Sim,” noted Leslie, “not only can you control what the human form looks like, but you can toggle back and forth between so you can fully customize what your Sim will look like when he transforms.” You can toggle your wolf’s fur style and color, as well as give them specific hairstyles for when they change. The werewolves in Supernatural aren’t the ghastly creatures out of a horror flick, either, but look more human than you’re used to — such as how they do in the new Teen Wolf TV series.