Lucky Palms Day 3: Dreamer & Matlapin Families

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Via The Sims 3 Thanks Leonie!

Do you remember Darren & Dirk Dreamer from The Sims 2?  A widower trying to move on after the tragic death of his wife, Darleen, takes care of his son in the Sims 2 world of Pleasantview! But now… You can see the Dreamers from the very beginning! Rewind to a time when love was new. When a young Darleen Matlapin still lived with her parents and a striving artist Darren had yet to vie for her affections. Play their romance from the beginning flirt to having their dear son Dirk!

In Lucky Palms perhaps history won’t repeat itself!

Meet (Again!) Darren Dreamer:
A talented artist with eccentric tastes Darren hates the outdoors, yet has a passion for painting landscapes through large windows. Rumor has it that his home came with a swimming pool, but he had it filled it so he could build a cactus garden in his backyard. Though art is his passion, being a stay-at-home bachelor is lonely business…is there special Sim somewhere who is perfect match for Darren?


Meet (Again!) the Matlapin Family:
Dreamer 2
The Matlapin family are new in town, but thanks to Mariana’s natural charm and social graces they are already well known and well-liked by their neighbors. Their daughter Darleen has a dreamy disposition and an interest in the arts…and romance! Will Darleen find the man of her dreams amid the shifting sands?