Sims 3 Lucky Palms – Meet Lennon Sosa & The Tanners!

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Via The Sims 3 – Thanks Leonie & Jeff! 🙂

Who will be Top Chef of Lucky Palms? In this calm town lies a fued!  Romon Tanner has been the best chef in Lucky Palms as long as the town can remember. Now a young upstart has moved to town with a fancy degree and even fancier lifestyle. Who will reign supreme?
Meet Lennon Sosa – A top student from the prestigious Fromage Grille cooking school Lennon has a big appetite and even bigger dreams! Known for his lavish parties, robust garden, and scrumptious cuisine he quickly became a town.



Meet The Tanner Family – Four generations of cooking excellence define the Tanner family name, but now an upstart with a fancy pedigree has come to challenge the Tanners as the best chefs in town. Will Ethan’s home grown culinary skills triumph over the formal training of his nemesis?



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