Platinum Simmers Review Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

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Katy Perry Sweet Treats is the latest pack from EA, it has more items, clothing and even hair than a regular Stuff Pack, from the live chat on 12 April I have to agree that a “Mega Pack” is a good way to describe it.

In the community when this pack was announced, it was not well received. Of course there are fans but they were overshadowed by (loud) people who were clearly not fans. Even I  was skeptical when I saw the candy-land pictures, I like my games as “normal” as is possibly in the Sims and not crazy cutesy sweet! With thanks to EA UK, BlackGarden and I got the opportunity to review this pack. So for this review we set ourselves 5 different goals when it comes to furniture to showcase how many different ways the Sweet Treats items can be used.


First and most important one was to take a normal house from Sunset Valley and refurbish it with as much Sweet Treats furniture I can put in there and have it still look moderately normal. Second goal was to have a house with statement pieces like Jennifer Lane mentioned she does in one of the live chats, 3rd goal was to make a gingerbread house (Hansel and Gretel style!) using the buildmode objects that come with this pack. 4th goal was to actually make a cutesy candyland house and 5th goal was to have Sinfully Sweet house like King mentioned in our interview with him and Jennifer.