Sims 3 Lucky Palms: Info, Content & Screens

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This info post includes everything you need to know about the Standard Edition of Lucky Palms. For information about the Lucky Simoleon Casino that comes with the Gold Edition of Lucky Palms, click here.



 Fun Facts

❗ Unicorns/Ice Cream trucks will spawn in Lucky Palms when Pets is installed


❗ Lucky Palms has a pre made lot (150 Casino Boulevard) to place the Lucky Simoleon Casino


❗ Lucky Palms comes with over 20 empty lots


❗ The new Bistro can be found under Community Objects in build mode when entering any Community Lot via Edit Town


❗ The Wishing Well will need to be placed into your town/lot


❗ Sims will autonomously use the Wishing Well




Create a Sim

Screenshot Screenshot-2






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Build/Buy/Edit Town Mode


Wishing Well Weather Blocker The Wong Way Bistro Table The Wong Way Bistro Chair The Sun's Garden Contemporary Curtains by Dave Desert Oasis Hot Tub Mysterious Modern Masterpiece Mysterious Modern Masterpiece 4 Mysterious Modern Masterpiece 3 Mysterious Modern Masterpiece 2 Clearstory 3-Tier Window Clearstory Rectangular Window Modern Mailbox Heavenly Bells Slanted Column Sectional Cement Fence Small Dustin' Roks Dustin' Rocks Desert Palm Tree Joshua Tree Mesquite Tree Yucca Plant without Blossoms Yucca Plant with Blossoms Prickly Pear Cactus Prickly Pear Cactus with Yellow Flowers Prickly Pear Cactus with Orange Flowers Prickly Pear Cactus with Fuchsia Flowers Palm Royal



 The Wishing Well


The Wishing Well is the new premium content available only with Lucky Palms. Sims can wish for a variety things, but not all wishes bring the best! Besides wishes, Sims can also use the Wishing Well to Steal Coins and Fish. Stealing coins can be a bit tricky, so make sure your Sim doesn’t fall in and get sopped. If your Sim is lucky and finds a coin to steal, the coin will be placed in their inventory.



❗ Stealing coins from the Wishing Well will allow your Sims to play the Lucky Coin Stakes when the Slot Machine is installed. Jackpot is 7,500 Simoleons.




❗ If you have the Tree of Prosperity on the same lot as the wishing well, pixies & fireflies will surround the well during the night.







Sims have five options when it comes to wishes, and they can wish for them as many times as they want. Wishes won’t come true every time, but sometimes a wish can bring your Sim a special surprise! Pick and choose those wishes wisely!


Wish for Love – When wishing for love, a frog jumps into your hands and puckers up for a kiss. If you are lucky, the frog will turn into a real life prince, and automatically become a Romantic Interest! If it’s just not a lucky day, the frog will jump back into the wishing well.



Wish for a Child – Wishing for a child can bring all sorts of surprises! This wish is granted by giving your Sim an Infant, Evil Child or if you have the Sims 3 Pets expansion installed, kittens and puppies! Whichever your Sim is granted automatically becomes part of the family.


Wish for Happiness – Wishing for happiness will give your Sim a  “Happy in the Moment” or “Euphoric” moodlet that boosts their mood for 3-6 hours.


Wish for Power – Wishing for power gives your Sim a promotion in their current job and also serves as a new way to select from available jobs when a Sim in unemployed.



Wish for Wealth – Wishing for wealth is a hit or miss wish. If you hit this wish, your funds will increase by a variety of amounts. If you miss this wish, pixies will throw the coins back to your Sim and advise them to stop throwing money into the well!


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