SimGuruKarsky Answers More Supernatural Questions!

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Hi Simmers!
I’ve been reading through all your great questions and thought it was time to check in and get some more answered. Going along with our grouping theme, we’ve selected three new topics to dive into and shed some light on what you can expect in The Sims 3 Supernatural. Below you’ll find the next set of your hot questions, answered!
We’ll be wrapping up this forum thread by the end of this week in our final posting. We love to see what you are excited about and will look forward to addressing more of your questions in our next Live Broadcast scheduled for early August. Stay tuned for more updates and details about this broadcast.
1. Can pets be supernaturals?
Zombie dogs or fairy kittens could make for a whole game itself! In The Sims 3 Supernatural, pets that you’ve created using The Sims 3 Pets will not take on supernatural abilities. However, witches that own a cat or one of the other “small animals” will gain special benefits such as having an increased skill with the wand, having an increased mood and having a slower drain on magic.
2. Can pets turn into zombies?
No, pets do not turn into zombies.
3. What’s new for ordinary Sims?
There are lots of new things for ordinary Sims to discover in The Sims 3 Supernatural. For instance, there are new traits to choose from such as ‘Supernatural Skeptic’ or ‘Supernatural Fan’ which will sway your Sims one way or another to either get along with supernatural Sims or want to steer clear of them. These traits create humorous new storylines that are fun to watch as your Sims fully embrace the unknown or try to ward them off.
In addition, ordinary Sims will have new interactions to choose from. Two of my favorites are ‘Ask to Protect’ or ‘Promise to Protect’ which allows Sims to lean on their fellow neighbors in case of an unwanted encounter with a supernatural Sim. I find these interactions fun additions to the game that enable you to create more dynamic relationships and tell more intriguing stories.
We have tons of new CAS clothing, build/buy objects and specialty items that can all be enjoyed by ordinary Sims. Sims can build their experience in alchemy by brewing a range of elixirs that have numerous effects. Ordinary Sims can also venture into a new career as a fortune teller or take a visit to the Traveler’s Wagon to have their fortune read.
Additionally ordinary Sims will live in the new town of Moonlight Falls with a rich landscape, mysterious new venues and a surprising new Lunar Cycle that will cause a stir in town and have strange effects on ordinary Sims with the onset of the full moon.
4. Can supernatural Sims have babies? If so, what will it be?
Your supernatural Sims are certainly able to create children! Whether it’s a relationship between two of the same supernatural Sims, two differing supernatural Sims or a supernatural Sim and an ordinary Sim, they will be able to start a family and have a baby.
The genetic system in The Sims 3 Supernatural works the same way as in The Sims 3 base game. The offspring of two of the same supernatural Sims will have a very high chance of inheriting the looks and traits of that supernatural type. The offspring of two differing supernatural Sims will have a chance of taking on the looks and abilities from one side of the family. The same goes for the offspring of supernatural Sims and ordinary Sims. The offspring will either have the looks and traits of the supernatural parent or of the ordinary parent.
All the above possibilities introduce new and compelling storylines to experience, making things around home a bit more mystical!