Sims Nieuws Reviews Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

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Attention sweet chewers! Katy Perry and Electronic Arts proudly present their new Stuff Pack: The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats! This Stuff Pack came completely unexpected and quite fast after the last Expansion Pack. This Stuff Pack is all about sweets and treats. This theme is a bit odd and isn’t suitable for everyone, but we want to leave this negativity behind us! What is this Stuff Pack really about? Read our review!


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One of the most important aspects of this Stuff Pack, as we have seen before the release of this Stuff Pack, is that your Sims will be conspicuous with these clothes on. This Stuff Pack is mainly focused on (young) adults and that’s why I want to start with the CAS items for women. We start at the beginning: the hairstyles. Strikingly, there are only new hairstyles with decoration. This can be a bit strange when you see CAS for the first time.