Supernatural Fan Day Begins in France

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French Fansite Sims Urbania and other European Fansites have already begun their Supernatural Preview Tour! Sims Urbania has prepared a preview post showing off all the Sims 3 Supernatural Goodies at EA. Along with these goodies is a preview of their NDA (aka: Embargo), which explains what they can/can’t say and when they can say it.

On August 1st fansites will be allowed to post everything on Supernatural, with the exception of Witches & Vampires. Witches and Vampires will be subjects that they can talk about on August 13th. Bookmark those dates because it will be a busy time here on the site! 😛



A fan day, it often begins with a TGV … This time, we started the festivities the day before, with the reception at home of Greg Simcookie ( ). Departure from Paris at 7:53 and about 10:30, the French entrance to the offices is reaching …


EA France

At the reception, the first pleasant surprise … This time, they are our nicknames that are marked on the traditional labels and not our real names (each time, we had to write in pen nicks, otherwise, we do recognize not: lol)