IGN Previews Supernatural: Fairies & Zombies!

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Thanks Snooty and YoungOldPrude! 🙂

The Sims 3: Supernatural gives franchise fans a chance to play as bizarre and legendary creatures who have more recently invaded pop-culture. Last time we spoke with EA about Supernatural we got the latest details on what it’s like to play as a werewolf. This time, we present new information, along with quotes directly from Assistant Producer, Argus Hulin, on how fairy and zombie gameplay works.
Like werewolves, you can go into Create a Sim and make a fairy right from the start. Here you can determine everything from your fairy’s skin tone to their ear and wing shape. And if you decide not to make your sim a fairy but later decide you’d really love to get some of those sweet wings, EA assures there’s a way to do that through gameplay.