Igromania Previews Supernatural

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Article Link – Via Sims.Mixei.ru

Special Thanks to Postoyalec for emailing us a better translated article.


We visited the presentation of the new The Sims 3 Supernatural EP, where we were able to look at the supernaturals from an unusual perspective: fairy and not-so-fairy creatures get along with each other pretty well, resembling the Ugly Americans animated sitcom. Supernaturals have needs too, such as socialization, employment and, cooking class. Although you obviously can’t build a mansion from Alone in the Dark, this expansion has perfect mood of a typical American backwater town: there are vampires (without “Twilight”-esque shining), werewolves and other familiar beings from contemporary popular fiction.
We played with a pre-created family of fairies, witches and werewolves in the demo game session. Exciting details were revealed almost immediately: a predatory werewolf can be a vegan, a witch was enthusiastically playing foosball alone — it’s the Sims, yeah. From the group therapy we switched to the individual, and decided to create Elvis Presley’s ghost in the new EP. Authentic recreation of the character could not be done; our Elvis preferred indie music (rock’n’roll was not in the list) and he died not from a heart failure (not in the list either), but from overeating some magic sweets called jelly beans.
Our Rock’n’Roll King settled down in a suburban one-story house and immediately demanded a lunch and a computer with internet access. We sent him to his neighbors; they reacted to ghosts in their calm home, while he was insulting the owner’s wife and using the toilet without permission. The rude guest was asked to leave as much as four times — on the fifth time Elvis had to sleep, so he called a taxi via his cellphone and went home. It’s the Sims, yeah.
After the demo we contacted Megan Myers, The Sims 3 Game Series Asst. Producer. She told us, among other things, about a key innovation, the lunar cycle. Not only do werewolves depend on this feature, but all the other Sims depend on the phase of the moon too. Normal people, for example, lose their mind, while witches can gather together throughout the town. Just one fact is seriously upsetting us: according to Megan, there is no sci-fi themed alien invasion planned yet. We think at least the fat chance is present: if there’s a place for Katy Perry Sweet Treats in the Sims 3 universe, then sectoids from flying saucers should get some love too!