SimGuruMegan Shares Even More Supernatural Info!

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Via her Twitter

  • Yes, if you get turned into a fairy, your wings will be randomly chosen. However, there is an LHR that will help you to change your wings if you don’t like them!
  • You can’t see inside the fairy houses, but I certainly wouldn’t call them “simple” objects! You can do so many things in them; they are very all-purpose objects!
  • Vampires can drink Fairy blood
  • No, no vampire fairies. You’ll be either a vampire or a fairy
  • Bonehilda is a moving (won’t say living or breathing!) being.
  • Yes! There are ways for vampires to be immune to the negative effects of sunlight both temporarily and permanently!
  • There isn’t a strong good vs. evil theme in Supernatural. Many of the supernatural Sims have some good actions and some evil actions, but players can choose to do only good actions, only evil actions, or a mixture of both. You can tell whatever kind of story you want.
  • Witch dueling will not result in any new deaths
  • Witches can’t turn people into gold. That’s actually an Alchemy elixir. And they won’t be gold permanently; it’s just a temporary thing.
  • There is a possibility Zombies may attack your home during a full moon
  • You’ll be able to pick any skin tone you want, and we’ve added a bunch of new skin tone sliders in Supernatural!