Sims 3 Supernatural Soundtrack

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Via SimGuruHydra

Music is a big part of The Sims and we noticed that many of you Simmers were wondering which recording artists will be lending their Simlish talents to The Sims 3 Supernatural. This expansion pack has a number of new Simlish tunes that we’re really excited about, including some spooky songs that will help you to embrace the supernatural:


“Spellwork” – Performed by Austra
“Laura Palmer” – Performed by Bastille
“Not Your Kind Of People” – Performed by Garbage
“Can You Hear Me” – Performed by Khursor feat. Sarai Givaty
“Kill The Light” – Performed by Lacuna Coil
“Tesla” – Performed by Ladytron
“Hurricane” – Performed by MS MR
“Yr Face” – Performed by Oberhofer
“Wild Heart” – Performed by Sabi
“Lamia” – Performed by Vampire Twins



We can’t wait to hear what you think about this soundtrack once The Sims 3 Supernatural launches in September. Rock out to these tunes with your Sims and let us know which is your favorite- and whether your Sims get the “Enjoying Music” trait!