Anait Games Previews Supernatural (New Screens)

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Thanks to Capital Sims & Rincon Del Simmer for the info!


Journal of Jonathan Harker, August 1, 2012
Mina dear, what a crazy heat. Moonlight Falls thought would be a city full of cobbled streets disturbing, wet and misty, peopled by mysterious old wearing hooded lamps from one corner to another, at odd hours. But this looks like New Jersey, demons. A residential neighborhood of houses perfectly landscaped, asphalt as smooth and neat that seems fresh, and all much more conventional than expected.
The summer house has given me Count Dracula until you return from your trip is pretty good.Gothic decoration you know it’s not my roll, and sometimes I have the feeling that I’m living in a set of the Hammer, but I liked that it has a secret lair. It is activated by pulling a book from the library.Twilight, I think it is called, or something. When down their stairs you can see a shelf with a book of alchemy and a lot of elixirs with labels like “zombify”, “Convert to gold” or “Slim”. I think I’ll give you one of these jars. Guess what.
People are a bit odd, though. I have seen passing the garden to a group of men very hairy, howling at the moon, growling and scratching a lot. Were saying they were going to hunt and suddenly started to fight. They did not seem very stable mentally. I think I will continue drinking bottled water better.



TS3_Supernatural_Vampire_Curse TS3_Supernatural_Vampire_Graveyard