Download Strangetown (& Families!) For The Sims 3

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Yes, you saw that right folks! joedy_76 has created the Sims 2 world (Strangetown) and its families (created by Sixam Sims), for The Sims 3! Check out some of the screenshots below, and head on over to joedy_76’s blog for details on this world!

Thanks to Tweety for the link! 🙂


World Families


TS3W2012-04-2814-03-27-22 TS3W2012-04-2814-06-36-26 TS3W2012-04-2920-45-08-68 TS3W2012-08-1310-54-59-55 TS3W2012-08-1310-55-39-29 TS3W2012-08-1310-59-59-87