A Diving Board For Crinrict: Seasons Preview

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The lovely Crinrict spent some time at Gamescom this year, and has put up a Seasons preview! The best part of it all? Crinrict gets a Diving Board! 😉


Splash! The kid jumps from the diving board. Yes, that was a jump not a dive and a splashy one too. His mom who’s standing nearby is got all wet. Kiddo needs to practice a lot more until he gets those different dives down. Luckily the boy is still young and rather skinny for the bigger and heavier the Sim, the more will get wet around the pool when they do a splash bomb.



In the background we can see the summer gnome. There will be one for each Season.
The rest of the presentation is about the same as the Live Chat one but we get the opportunity to ask a few questions. The Add-On is still pre-beta and there are many things the producers Ben Bell and King Choi can’t or don’t want to show us.