Platinum Simmers Review The Sims 3 Supernatural

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I was very lucky that I got an advance copy of The Sims 3 Supernatural limited edition, since last week I have been playing a lot of Supernatural in the way I always play my game, instead of major info gathering I do in previews/hands on time. I start off like we all do in CAS. Gorgeous new outfits that are both supernatural but which could also easily be combined with a normal pair of jeans for a casual style.



The hair is gorgeous, whimsical and unique, the hair that my Sim above is wearing is my favourite of all of them. We also have new traits proper, gather, brooding, supernatural fan and supernatural skeptic; what is funny about the proper trait, it means your Sim is constantly changing into formal wear – gave her an awesome every day outfit and she changes to the formal outfit all the time. I love the new skin tones, I cannot wait to see what my green witch (using the rainbow skin tone) is going to have for a colour baby. It can be any colour of the rainbow.