NZGamer Reviews The Sims 3 Supernatural

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It’s Sims 3 expansion pack time again, boys and girls. Come close and let me tell you a story to chill your spine and give you nightmares…
OK, so this latest title’s no Evil Dead or Poltergeist, but the otherworldly overhaul that Sims 3 Supernatural brings to the game is still pretty damn cool, especially after the ultra saccharine-sweetness of the last expansion, (Katy Perry’s) Showtime.

Release 2

The new town that comes with Supernatural is called Moonlight Falls, which upon first glance, seems rather ordinary. But if you look closer you’ll see that there are some intriguing new locations, including the Arboretum, where fairies and other supernatural types go to play, new watering hole The Toadstool, an elixir shop, gypsy caravan, and even a broom arena where witches can perform their best flying stunts. Dotted around the town are fairy houses, strange mushrooms sprouting up under trees and a heap of new plants, like mandrakes, truffles, and ghost chillies.