Sims 3 Game Update 1.39 (9/27/12)

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Thanks Marty!

❗ Remember to Remove Custom Content and MODS before updating. Check with your moding community for updates post patch.


To install this update, please start your game and use the “Updates” tab in your Launcher.
This game update includes the following changes:


♦ Zombies will no longer continue to spawn after a Full Moon ends when the game has been saved during a Full Moon. A new saved game must be created for this fix to take effect.
Super Patch (All Regions) ~ Download (1 GB)


Incremental Manual Patching below should only be applied from patch 1.38

Region 1 (USA) – Download (130 MB)
Region 2 (Europe, Australia & rest of the world) – Download (130 MB)
Region 3 (Asia) – Download (130 MB)
Region 5 (Japan) – Download (130 MB)
Region 17 (Digital Game Version) – Download (130 MB)